JulieAnn’s initially followed her curiosity to master physics. Engineering school demands discipline, precision, and a dynamic and engaged mind. She heard multiple times that women lacked the intellectual capacity required for engineering. JulieAnn excelled academically and eventually earned a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado. At the time, less than 5% of engineers were women.

JulieAnn left aerospace engineering and became a technology consultant for several of the highest revenue-generating companies in the country. After years of a demanding career, she intentionally shifts from a mind-centric external world to a more contemplative space by exploring oil painting and becoming a consultant and adjunct professor.  


JulieAnn’s paintings tap into the subtle energy beyond the five senses to capture life’s mysterious and resilient nature. Her artwork explores dualism and the search for holism. JulieAnn’s explorative paintings are for individuals seeking to understand life’s multiple truths and paradoxes.

In 2015, she started to share her work publicly, receiving acclaim. As of 2024, her artwork resides in over twenty states across America and on Apple Music. She continues leveraging threads from her engineering technology background, bringing a unique perspective to her paintings.


JulieAnn continues to work as a consultant and professor, bringing her experience to companies and students embracing the digital revolution. She partners with executives to visualize and quantify virtual capability needs and drive resulting strategic initiatives. JulieAnn designs and delivers engaging courses to educate graduate students on adopting modern technology in business. 

JulieAnn splits her time living in Connecticut and Arizona with her husband and son. 


August 2023 | “Making Their Mark” Susan Powell Fine Art, Madison CT, USA


July 2017 | Westport Fine Arts Juried Festival, Westport CT, USA

Nov 2015 | Open Studio Hartford, Hartford CT, USA

“Seek” is chosen as an Ekphrasis selection out of hundreds of artworks. https://www.juliederby.com/2016-2020/